Hello, I’m Kathryn  

I opened gumshoe in 2004. A neighborhood children’s shoe store in downtown Burlingame, a charming town just outside San Francisco. The same downtown I rode my bike to as a kid. At the time I was 27, and being a “shopkeeper” truly felt like what I born to do. I loved it. I loved finding stylish products that were well made and actually fit kids feet. I loved knowing all the little customers that walked through my door, every few months as kids feet change size in the blink of an eye. I loved knowing their moms, knowing where they shopped, where they traveled, all their individual stories.

After nine years, a website, a second location, and most importantly my own first child, we made the hard decision to close. My son was one. My priorities had changed. And retail had changed. I had accepted my fate that the old school retail model as the “shop around the corner” was never going to financially make sense. Yet still I stood outside my beloved space as it was transformed into the next persons dream and wept. Gumshoe was my first baby, a part of me. And now as my youngest baby heads off to First Grade, I’m ready to bring that baby back! I’m so excited to be your finder of all things kid and be part of your life in this new world of shopping. Let’s have some fun!!

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