Sleeping Bag: Choice One


Product weight:2.7lb
Product size:67″*28″
Open Size:67″*56″
Storage size:7.8*7.8*11inch
Comfort temperature:5℃-15℃
Limit temperature:-1℃
Applicable people:children under 56″

1.Glowing In the Dark–Need to be exposed to the sun for a while
2.Cleaning Methodl–Water Washing / Machine Washing

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Dancing with the stars - the sleeping bag of starry sky, add the whole starry sky to your dream.

Go camping by the river,you find the soil is wet on the bank. Take out your sleeping bag, then you will harvest a lot of stars. The night is so cold, but you are surrounded by the stars. You can see the stars everywhere, and you are warm all around. You wander in it, sleep tight all night, dance with the stars in your dreams.
Get up in the morning and go on the road again. Put away your sleeping bag and put the starry sky into your backpack. It will accompany you on your journey, just like your dream, which will never fade or die.


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